U.S. Customs and Border Protection / Global Entry at IAG

As Niagara Falls International Airport is International, its global entry works. As for global entry, this is a service that is used in the United States. Customs and Border Protection implemented this program. What is this system? This initiative assists the passengers in moving around without furthermore procedures. This is beneficial for every passenger because they are consuming less time. Nowadays, there are not a lot of passengers who are using this program in the United States. For Global Entry passengers, there are no queues. They can use automatic kiosks and cross the border with it.

It is not difficult to have access, and to achieve this program entry, the passenger will present a valid passport, and the machine will read this passport. However, a visa is not the only document that can be used there. Consistent resident cards can be used there as well. TSA agents will check those documents, and then they can cross the border, due to this, it is effortless to have global entry.

If there is some extraordinary situation, passengers must answer the questions by TSA Agents with honesty and get candid with them, if they do not do this, procedures can be lengthy, and it will consume time.

Baggage Claim and Meeting Points at IAG

Passengers must check the rules beforehand as every Airport has its unique issues, there might be some limitations about luggage. In this Airport there is one terminal, a passenger can find the baggage claim area easily.