TSA Security Procedures and Measures at IAG

As this Airport is in New York, many passengers want to visit this place, due to this, the authorities took into consideration that if they do not have brilliant customer service, as well as security procedures, problems will arise. They are trying to have everything on point. One advice which is given by the TSA security agents is that every passenger must check the rules and terms of this Airport, as those rules may be different from the airports which were in other airports. This advice must be taken into consideration because these are an inevitable part of this Airport. Disobedience is prohibited; every passenger has to obey the rules. Those security checkpoint agents have metal detector body scanners, which are used to check the passengers. At this same time, passengers will check all metal-made equipment. Those items will be put in an individual bin, which is established for those items.

TSA, The transportation security administration, has security agents who are working there to manage the situation so as not to have problems furthermore. They are trying to check packages, prohibited things, as well as bags and suspicious items. An X-ray screening is what every passenger must go through. Agents will demand additional checking if there is an unusual situation; they have the power and responsibility to do this.

As for TSA Cares, it is a helpline service, which is controlled by the Transportation Security Administration. Condition of air passengers, who need some help due to their medical conditions, as well as people who could not find their way and want to see the way, is assisted by this service. However, TSA service advises that if a passenger has some limitation or wants specialized assistance, they must warn this service before 72 hours, booking is necessary beforehand. Every passenger must know that X-ray and other procedures will be used there to check the rules. This information has to be found previously. TSA agents recommend this. Their working hours are from Monday to Friday, from 8 a.m to 11 p.m.

IAGSecurity Checkpoints and Departure Time

Before passenger departure, 45 minutes of Security Checkpoints are closed. They are opened 2 hours before departure. A passenger must take into consideration that they may be queued as it banks on various factors, such as airport construction, TSA staffing, weather, etc.

Flying with Real-ID

As in the United States, the new rule was implemented from October 1, 2018. Every passenger must show a Real-ID compliant driver's license to enter this country, as well as states.